Are you one of those old enough to remember the time when there was only BBC?

bbsAre you one of those old enough to remember the time when there was only BBC? Or you have maybe just heard about it? On the other hand, you might be even using it today, but you have no idea how it all began.
Yes, it might come as a shock to many, but once upon a time, there was a world without the Internet. In fact, the World Wide Web as we know it today had its precursors in some software and applications unknown to most modern users nowadays.
BBC was one of these applications. BBC was named after the traditional me_dialup_02bulletin board which people used in various places to post their short messages, news or advertisements. The Bulletin Board System is software designed for sharing and exchanging short messages or other types of files. User logs into the system and via terminal program he gets to upload or download, read or chat, send and receive messages or even play games. The almighty social networks as we know them nowadays emerged from BBC chat rooms.  BBC was the almighty social network of the 80s and the 90s. Since BBC was accessible from a dial – up modem mostly and you had to use a phone line, long distance charges were forcing most users to use only local calling zone. This meant that most users of particular BBC live in a neighborhood which allowed them to organize live meetings and so-called “Get Togethers”.

BBS_logos_in_ASCII_artModern Internet users are used to graphical interface and usually high resolution, so primary BBCs would probably boring them. The BBC was text-based. Also, most BBCs were centered on particular topic and field of interest and a huge number of them offered “adult” chats and various similar downloadable material.
Computerized Bulletin Board System, as the first BBC was called, was software available only to the military forces, but BBC is also remembered as the first non-military software community, which it became after hitting online.
For anyone not familiar with this platform, a legit question is – who cares? Why is it, except for the mere curiosity and general knowledge, out of any importance and interest to the internet users several decades later?
235911-bbs-door-gamesIn fact, you’d be surprised. On one hand, there are still multiple parts of the world where the Internet is not so common. People over there still use BBCs widely. Older users who remember how it all began still hold it dear, partially out of sentimental reasons and partially because of its cozy and intimate sense of community.
But the actual real deal is BBC’s come back in the form of application available on the Internet. There is no doubt that so-called come back has limited capacity and BBC will never be dominant again. Still, several IT companies have announced open discussions in 2016 regarding the ideas, suggestions and possible solutions on how to combine BBCs with modern social networks and how to make it available on current powerful devices, such as tablets.

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