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Can A Knife Help You Survive In The Wilderness?

Hiking or camping in the great outdoors can be a wonderful experience; that is unless you lose your bearings and get lost. While you probably will not end up in this situation, this has happened to some of the most experienced people. There are a few important things you can do to help you survive until you can find your way back to familiar territory. Carrying a knife on your person is one of the most important precautions you can take.

While having a knife at your disposal may not protect you sufficiently from a bear or cougar attack, having a knife may make the difference between you being killed or surviving with injuries. If your knife is sharp and long enough, you can plunge it into the eye of the animal; a killing wound if it penetrates the brain.

Hopefully, you will not encounter life-threatening danger from a predator attack, but your knife will still be the most valuable tool you have at your disposal. Once you have located a source of clean drinking water, you will want to build a small fire and possibly a shelter if the weather turns wet and cold. Your knife will make collecting firewood and building materials much easier. Look for a favorable location on a surface high enough that water will not collect if the weather turns rainy. Collect enough large stones to form a fire ring; these stones will hold heat from the fire and contain coals after the fire burns down.

a shelterBuilding a shelter may not be necessary, but you may feel more protected from small critters and bugs if your fire is situated near the open side of a small lean-to. A sharp knife makes cutting appropriate limbs to build your shelter easier. Choose at least two sturdy support limbs without leaves and properly spaced crutches to support a longer pole that will support shorter, leafy branches. If the weather remains dry, this shelter will be sufficient. If you expect rain, use your knife to cut some birch bark to cover the outer layer of branches.

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Hopefully, you have situated your campsite near a source of water, so you have a supply for drinking. A lake or stream may also be a source of fish you can eat; if only you can catch them. Once again, your knife can help you out. Cut a long, straight pole and use fibers you have cut from tree bark to tie your knife to the end. You can use this primitive tool to spear some fish if you have good aim and lots of patience. Your knife can also be used to dig edible roots, but be sure you are aware of which ones are safe.

Most people venture into the great outdoors when the weather is pleasant, so you probably will not have to worry about the cold. Your next and hopefully final task is finding your way back to safety; use the position of the sun to chart your course accurately and be proud of your survival skills.

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